Sunday, May 8, 2022

WNOD #50 - Old Man's Penis

January 2001 - Gabe and Rob discuss forbidden love, morals, snakes, Transformers, old man’s penis, and the history of WNOD. Then they say goodbye once and for all.

WNOD #49 - Episode Something or Other

1999 - Rob and Lara talk about sex, relationships, The Phantom Menace, and pants. Rob rambles in the car. Rob shares half-baked news. Rob reads the story of the Purple Wombat.

WNOD #48 - It Doesn’t Matter

1999 - Here comes Gabe and Rob. The Rock doll says, "Ah!" Gabe is so big and large. Time to get ripped. Monkey bitch. This is Big Jew Radio. Gabe loves wrestling. DJ Rob and MC Lara play the hits!

WNOD #47 - Return to Ocean City

1999 - Finally the Nod has come back to Ocean City! Gabe smokes at a gas station. Alcohol is fun. Everyone loves the fudge factory. Cigarettes are tasty. Do not be like Peter. War is funny. Rob misses the Greaseman. Girls are looking for Big Peckers. Gabe gets all the internet ladies. Women are horny. Peter continues to talk. Gabe and Rob meet a woman named Megan.

WNOD #46 - Ha

1999 - Rob still can't drive. Gabe dropped his glasses. "Are we recording?" Dan Quayle for president! Gabe and Rob are having Froot Loops. Gabe and Rob almost die in the morning. Rob has a moment of masculinity. Gabe and Rob discuss tacos and tattoos. What's the deal with gas prices? Gabe explains the rage in the cage. Rob talks about past family drama. What happened to Nod? Gabe can sing. Gabe says, "Ha." Gabe and Rob accurately predict the future. Rob reads bumpers.

WNOD #45 - Plan A

1999 - Gabe and Rob embark on a journey to Virginia to meet a mysterious woman. On the way, they discuss Mormons, the plan, show content, death, and maps.

WNOD #44 - That’s Right

1999 - Gabe and Rob drive in circles. Gabe buys a video game. Gabe and Rob almost die. Rob explains Transformers. El Diablo Negro! Gabe ran out gas. Gabe meets women online. Movies are not that important. Gabe really wants pancakes. Candy is more important than charity. Rob says "AMF!"

WNOD #43 - What is WNOD?

1999 - Rob freaks out in traffic again. Gabe realizes he is funny. Gabe and Rob do not understand. Screwed up people are fun. Gabe and Rob are Larry King. Gabe came. Would Rob and Gabe share a woman? What is the Matrix?

WNOD #42 - Small Tacos and Successful Relationships

1999 - The future will not be like TV. Gabe and Rob discuss putting WNOD on the internet. What makes a successful relationship? Why are the tacos so small? Large orange drink! The Greaseman was fired. Rob and Gabe discuss Speckle Tour '99. Gabe has a crush on Lara. Offensive WNOD slogans are funny. The Greaseman is still fired.

WNOD #41 - Aztec Sex Implements

1999 - Allen and Rob drive around Northern Virginia discussing music, computers, porn, the internet, women, sex toys, the secrets of WNOD, pudding, college, and customers. Mr. Cow shares helpful tips for annoying your friends.

WNOD #40 - Not TV

1999 - Allen tells us about men's hands. Allen and Rob have bad jokes. Call 976-FUCK. We spend billions. Rob talks about love. Rob's classmates love physics. Bryant flips out. John wants attention. Then it’s time for The Balls McGinty Show! Be sure to support our sponsors by buying a hair weave, an alien turtle zapper, and an alarm. Mister Nobody shows up for an interview. There is a news flash. Balls hosts the night of bad comedy. Someone gets shot.

WNOD #39 - Bored

1999 - Rob and Lara talk about sex, porn, dating, sound effects, and comedy. Aunt Phyllis joins them to remind them of the rules. Rob reads the news poorly. Time for a cat song. Lara cracks her knuckles. Lara reads airline announcements. Rob and Lara have trouble reading. Rob has trouble ending the show.

WNOD #38 - WNOD Hates Christmas

1998 - Rob hates Mormons but loves the Greaseman. Rob loves breasts. Gabe loves his new woman and hates his previous girlfriend. Gabe hates driving. Rob hates stop signs. Gabe has problems and issues. Gabe asks the eternal question. Personality goes a long way. Large orange drink! Wrestlers should be presidents. Rob hates Bill Clinton. Gabe and Rob hate Christmas.